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Real Food Toppers™ – The Ultimate Healthy Treat for Dogs and Cats


Complete Natural Nutrition Real Food Toppers are ideal natural pet treats for both dogs and cats with health issues or pets that are: finicky, overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders or are on an ‘elimination’ or ‘restricted’ diet ,low calorie, no wheat or raw diets.

Using just US sourced meats, Real Food Toppers Pure Chicken Breast and Real Food Toppers Pure Beef Sirloin are cooked and then freeze-dried. Real Food Toppers Pure Beef Liver and Real Food Toppers Pure Wild Salmon are raw and then freeze-dried. Freeze drying is the safest and healthiest method to feed pure meat treats to your pet dog or cat and still preserve the treats natural nutrition.

Real Food Toppers is the world’s ultimate, 100% natural, dog and cat treat with just one ingredient – pure meat. Always preservative, chemical and by-product free, all Complete Natural Nutrition 100% natural pet treats are human grade, always tested on people before they are given to our pet family.


Real Food Toppers feature:

Taste: Each US sourced morsel is concentrated with natural real flavours. Palatability tests prove that the most finicky eaters prefer Real Food Toppers.

Variety: Four delicious flavours that will elevate meal time to four different gourmet. experiences. Your pet will love the variety of something different in its regular food.

Purity: No fillers. No by-products. No grains, No carbs, No fillers. No chemicals. No artificial flavouring. No added salt, No junk calories. There's no mistaking what's in each bag; it's purity that you can see.

Healthy: Pure digestible protein packed with natural active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals protected and bio-available for your pet to utilize. Single ingredient protein makes it ideal for pets with allergies, diabetes, finicky, restricted diets, overweight and so much more.

Convenience: Packaged in a re-sealable bag, morsels are pre-sliced, easily transported with no refrigeration required. Feed anywhere and anytime. 2 year shelf life.

Value: 4oz of freeze dried ingredient contains up to 4 times its weight. When re-hydrated, one 4 oz bag weighs approximately 1 pound. Economical: Each 4oz bag holds approximately 120 morsels - that means up to 60 servings.

Directions for Use:

Dogs: Two-to-Six morsels daily (depending on size of dog)
Cats: Two-to-Three morsels daily

Real Food Toppers is not intended to replace your pet's regular food but to enhance meal time.

Feed from the bag dry or re-hydrate for 2 minutes in warm water for an intense flavour and meatier texture. Morsel sizes will vary. For smaller pets, large morsels can be halved for easier feeding. Keep in a cool dry space away from moisture.

Flaking is a natural result of the gentle freeze drying process. Add flakes to warm water for a delicious broth or sprinkle dry over regular food.

Real Toppers are available in the following flavours:

  • Chicken Breast
  • Wild Salmon
  • Beef Sirloin
  • Beef Liver