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Dog Food Coupons & Special Offers

With our natural dog food coupons and special offers, you can save money on natural dog food and dog health products available at our Canadian Independent Retailers.

We believe in promotions that save our Canadian customers money and bring honest value. We work closely with our Canadian Independent Retailers to offer customers the latest in promotions and special offers to help them make the best choices for their pets.


On-line Coupon Specials

Please select the coupon(s) below that you would like to receive by mail and then proceed to the registration page. Each coupon is limited to one per Canadian household.


Fromm Pet Food - Save $2.00 on a 5lb or Larger Bag

Save $2.00 on a small bag or larger of Fromm Family Pet Food.

This includes Fromm Four-Star, Fromm Gold and Fromm Classic for Dogs or Cats.


$2.00 OFF any size of The Missing Link

Improves skin and coat quality, balances energy levels, maintains and improves digestion.

Save $2.00 OFF any size bag of The Missing Link.

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